Terra Teezy

Terra Teezy


Terrell “Terra Teezy” Johnson, born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Is a diversed-style artist/producer, with his catchy, heavy vocal-ed choruses and unique eerie but top 40 sound. Terra Teezy has collabed with other known local artists such as C-Piepz, Blizz McFly, Chubz, Sunny Daze, Krystle Moraska, and other great musicians. He has released one project with his guitarist ‘Manesis’ entitled “DO WE LOOK LIKE WE CARE?” THE MIXTAPE , and a solo project “Much Obliged Mixtape”. ‘Custard Avenue’ is his following, stemmed metaphorically from what he likes to say “A sweet road I’m headed on.” Terrell is now producing for New Life Records. Expect huge things coming from this camp!



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