DJ We$

Born in the small vibrant town of Kemmerer, Wyoming, Wesley Dwaine, like Jerry Buss and JC Penney, doesn’t ever allow his small town roots to deny him any opportunity to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive through creativity and business!

Mid-elementary, Wesley moved to the town of Guernsey, Wyoming, where he later received his diploma and went on to further study at the University of Kansas. While attending KU, Wesley became known as “We Money,” a local dj for many parties, clubs, live concert venues, and became the dj/co producer/friend of New Life Records recording artist “Bilistic.” He also began his extensive club management/marketing/dj/promotions career while at KU, frequently traveling to Myrtle Beach, Kansas City, and Phoenix. While pursuing an entertainment career, Wesley moved to NYC working with TVT records, MIC magazine, World Wide, Audio, and COED magazine. He also hit the road on tour with COED magazine as a magazine promoter & a DJ/entertainer on an eighteen city tour.

Wesley has embraced his journey thus far in life, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Wesley plans on pursuing a well-respected acting career while keeping philanthropy by its side. Wesley Dwaine will always have a love for music, art, fashion, & culture!


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